Who are Lighthouse Youth Projects?

MAS National are proud to partner with Lighthouse Youth Projects to deliver the Cycle of Change program in South Australia.

Lighthouse Youth Projects Inc are a registered charity and volunteer supported not-for-profit organisation sharing a love of riding and living life to the fullest. LYP strive to help kids at risk of not being awesome, empowering young people for a successful future.

They work with disadvantaged kids, supporting them into positive pathways through the Cycle of Change and Behind Bars programs, community events, BMX coaching and life skills mentoring.

Jamie and Ryan’s passion is sharing their skills, energy and enthusiasm for living life to the max with a new generation of young shredders and encouraging everyone around us to get stoked on life.

“We believe the potential of a child is limitless. We work with kids every day that remind us of this in little ways, and in not so little.

We wanted to share with you what we do here at Lighthouse Youth Projects and how that work can, and does, affect positive change in the communities around us.

Every kid has the right to strive to be amazing, and we are so privileged to help each and every one of those we work with to discover their positive pathways. This video captures the essence of what we do at LYP and who we are. If this engages you, if it motivates you towards change, if it makes you want to be a part of something bigger, we implore you to share our story with your networks. The more people who know about what we do here, the more kids we can endeavor to inspire.” – Lighthouse Youth Projects.

Take 6 mins to watch this video, and support Lighthouse Youth Projects Inc, their passion for inspiring young people and helping them realise their possibilities is truly inspiring.